Political magazines you should read

Nowadays you can find a lot of info about politics on social media sites, as many online news websites write about everything that happens in all corners of the world. The majority of people do this because they aren’t willing to buy newspapers or pay for subscriptions on online news websites that are an online extension of popular journals.

The problem with sites that spread the political news on social networks is that they don’t have professionals that do research and writing. Their sources aren’t reliable, and they tend to make every article subjective. The only thing they care about is the number of people who will read their work, and thus they are willing to play with facts to make their work have more impact than it should.

This is why it’s better to pay a bit of money and get accurate news that comes from real sources. In the end, nothing can beat scientific articles that report on political events and speculate on the effects it will have based on the data they collected. This applies to other areas of journalism that can cause an impact on the society.

The most influential political magazines at the moment

The New YorkerThis list can’t start with anything but The New Yorker. This political magazine is known for its coverage of a wide variety of subjects with the focus on political happenings both in the USA and the world. People can recognize this magazine by witty illustrations.

The Atlantic is a well-respected political magazine that doesn’t have any country as a focus of their articles. They cover the most interesting and the most important political events and happenings from all around the world.

One of the best attributes of these two and other top magazines is their objective take on the political news. They don’t take sides because that would change the way people would take the news they deliver.

Shaping the public opinion by delivering news from a particular standpoint is something that is indecent and not fair.

Some magazines do it, and they get away from the same as they cater to the ruling party and the way they want citizens to look at things.