Politics books everyone should read at least once

The complexity of the politics is something professionals discuss through various media. The right to make important decisions and to back them up is a stressful job, and every politician that can do that is an individual that deserves the utmost respect. This is especially the case with those that have to make hard decisions that encounter a lot of criticism from ordinary people.

Two ways to write politics books

Now, books that discuss politics come in two forms. One way to talk about political issues is to write stories that use metaphors to address them. The other line of thought disregards metaphors and attacks the issue head-on. As we found on Filza website.

Politics books

Using metaphors to discuss politics

The Animal Farm is one of the most influential political books that use satire to shed some light on political issues. This book was written over fifty years ago, and like any other good politics book, it is still relevant. It is a tale of overworked animals that are trying to change the world into a utopia of equality and justice. It shows that the totalitarianism and oppression can rise from any form of a rule. This book is still relevant as we live in a world of democracy where tyranny and dictatorship are something we are used to.

If you want to read only one political book that uses storytelling to discuss politics, then you should read 1984. This masterpiece depicts the future as a bureaucratic and totalitarian world where the individuality doesn’t exist. The most exciting aspect of this book is how true everything is turning out. If you read it, then you might think that George Orwell had some form of precognition as our world is turning into the world he created.

Pure politics books you will want to read

When it comes to pure politics books that don’t have any story, or anything similar, then it would be silly not to mention The Audacity of Hope, a book written by Barack Obama, you can find it on iPhone Emulator. It retells all known and less-known events from the last eight years, from the perspective of the former president. Anyone with a bit of free time should give this book a read.