Bullying and mass shooting – Is there a connection?

Almost every individual thinks that every school shooter is that weird kid that got bullied on a daily basis. The reason behind this perspective is the sheer number of articles that make this connection without any relevant data that can back-up those claims.

Same goes with mental problems in shooters, and according to many “so-called” news sites, every other school shooter had a mental illness no one paid attention to. This type of info is hugely misleading. However, there are connections between bullying and mental illnesses with a school shooting, even though they aren’t as common as people think.

How can bullying be a cause for a school shooting?

There is no shame in admitting that we live in a society that frowns upon those that are different. Every class has a weird kid or two that don’t fit into groups other students create. People don’t realize that being different isn’t bad and that every individual should be able to live as they want. Being quiet and not interested in things other people find fascinating is perfectly fine.

Now, bullying usually happens to quit kids that don’t fit into other groups in their classes. But that doesn’t mean that every kid that gets bullies will choose to take a firearm and shoot others. This also doesn’t mean that bullying is OK. Schools and parents should take steps to prevent this kind of activity from happening as it may lead to unfortunate events. A kid that is bullied might have a rough life outside of the school, and that kind of activity may push them over the line.

School shootings

Mental problems and their connection to school shootings

Claims that school shootings happen because individuals with mental issues can get guns without any issues are partially correct. But the problem is that the number of shooters that had severe psychological problems is negligible. The biggest problem is the combination of bullying and mental illness.

Kids nowadays are allowed to do anything they want, and thus they will bully someone even though they know that the individual is having problems. They think that actions they take won’t have any repercussions which result in kids pouring bleach in mentally challenged eyes and similar things.

Once in a while, a kid that is bullied will bring a gun to a school and kill someone because their pleas reach no one. Making sure that bullying doesn’t happen is hard, but that is one of the ways that will reduce the number of these tragedies.