Can You Fail a Drug Test from Secondhand Weed Smoke?

People are often concerned about the possible psychoactive effects of secondhand marijuana smoke, especially if they have an upcoming drug test. For years, cannabis has been linked to various misconceptions. For that reason, secondhand weed smoke is also believed to be connected with dangerous consequences.

Since pot has increased in popularity, scientists have decided to investigate its effects and influence of secondhand smoke. Researchers measured the concentration of THC in the blood of people who don’t smoke weed.

drug testing papers and specimen cup

In most cases, they managed to agree on the same things. But, So, let’s see what results they were able to find out, and how passive exposure affects your health?

Very detailed information and guidelines about passing any drug tests can be found at the THC Authority website if you are interested into this topic.

Can You Fail a Drug Test When Inhaling Secondhand Weed Smoke?

Based on numerous studies, a minimal amount of THC is released into the air when smoke is exhaled. In facts, even if you stayed in a room where four people smoked weed, you wouldn’t get high, nor show signs of intoxication.

However, you’ll have to be trapped with 16 people smoking joints, for the results to show the traces of THC in your bloodstream. But, let’s move to the most concerning part, can you fail a drug test from smelling weed? Probably not!

Considering the low concentration of THC is being released into the air, you would have to take a lot of secondhand exposure to fail this screening. Based on some study in 2010, scientists measured the influence of secondhand marijuana smoke on non-smokers.

Passive Exposure

The participants were placed in a well-ventilated room with people who casually smoked weed for three hours. After the procedure was over, the technicians took blood and urine samples from non-smokers.

They found the traces of TCH, but not a sufficient amount to fail a drug test. Another study came up with similar results. In rare cases, testing can be positive, but the person needs to be exposed to marijuana smoke for hours.

What Is Passive Exposure?

When you go through a urine test for weed, it examines the by-products of THC. This chemical is responsible for psychoactive effects and positive results. However, people are often under the impression that even the slightest contact is enough for the THC to show up in the urine.

Secondhand smoke is another term for passive exposure. It means that you aren’t inhaling TCH directly from the source, which makes a significant difference. The amount you inhale is minimal, nearly 100 times less than THC levels from the direct source.

In that case, if you haven’t been smoking pot, then drug test shouldn’t be a concern. So, if you are wondering, can you fail a drug test from being around weed, no, you can’t.

Are There Any Health Risks Connected to Secondhand Marijuana Smoke?

We still don’t have reliable data regarding health risks, and we don’t know if the person who lives with regular pot smoker is affected. The most challenging part is to determine the amount of THC released into the air.

Health Risks from Secondhand Smoke

Some recent studies suggest that secondhand marijuana smoke has similar health effects as secondhand tobacco smoke, mostly on heart and blood vessels. However, this study has not been conducted on humans, so we can’t claim with certainty they have similar results.

Same as cigarettes, the pot contains harmful and cancer-causing chemicals, but we still don’t know how they affect the person’s health.

You have to be aware of the fact that any kind of smoke inhalation carries a particular risk. But, if you are worried about an occasional friend gathering, don’t be. Marijuana secondhand smoke can’t kill you, nor cause any significant health issues.