Discrimination of individuals because of their race/sex

Phrases like “That’s racist” and “That’s sexist” have been on the rise in the last couple of months and that is because people are more open to pointing out those that behave in inappropriate ways. We all have the right to say anything we want, as long as it follows general rules of proper behavior. Throwing racist and sexist remarks was always forbidden, and thus anyone who uses them should receive punishment for that.

But, fighting racism and sexism turned into something else in the last couple of months. The one-sidedness of these terms brought some nasty sides of people into the light. First of all, people think that only white people can be racist. This allows other races to throw various insults at white people without any consequences. It also allowed women to act however they want because, apparently, they can’t be sexist.


The abuse of the free speech

All of this gave birth to terms like “mansplaining,” and “white privilege” where white people, and especially white men” get accused of racism and sexism just because they are white men. All of this sounds ridiculous to anyone who is willing to take the arguments and look at them from an objective angle.

This kind of discrimination is evident in many cases, and it’s not just ordinary people that discriminate, as many organizations follow this trend as well. The example of this can be seen in a case of Tom, a white male who researched post-pregnancy urinary incontinence because we were assigned to study that. Tom used research that included over 1800 women from 23 different clinical tries and came up with the conclusion that rounded-up his work.

But, Tom’s research was discredited by female students and the teacher. The reason for this was because he was a man and he can’t know how a woman feels after pregnancy. Any sane person would look at his research from an objective perspective (in the same way he took on that research), but his sex made it impossible for him to get marks for his work.

A similar thing happened to Joshua, who is a black law graduate, who did a work based on anti-discrimination. He was challenged on using white privilege and thus being racist, just because his work took an objective view of the issue. Those that attacked him presumed he was white and therefore they were free to discredit his work based on that assumption. This proved to be a perfect example of discrimination, which was the subject of Joshua’s work.