Gender Equality – The dark side of a noble cause

Women had it hard in the last few centuries as they had little to no rights. They always had to fight to get their rights, and that continues even now. At the moment, women have rights that exceed anything throughout the history. This is far from enough, as men are still the majority in all critical positions in any field of importance.

Feminists did a lot to push the rights of women. But there is always a dark side to this kind of cause, and it is evident in this case.

Forcing gender equality isn’t good for the economy

Gender EqualityFeminists claim that women are underappreciated in business, and thus every employer will choose a man over a woman. It is sad to say that this kind of thing still happens. But many industries have changed in the last couple of years and women are finding their place in them. In fact, in many cases, women have higher chances of finding employment than men, only because the company has gender equality issues and they need more women in their business.

A lot of extreme feminist groups force gender equality on companies and industries. In some cases, this is good as women can do the same work as men without any loss to profits of a company. This just means that the business in question doesn’t require highly-skilled and specialized workers.

Adverse effects of a forced equality

On the other hand, several companies have already shared the results of their experience with employment of women based on their sex instead of on their skill. The best example of this is a result of the research. In the past few years, a well-known and respected online writing site released a statement that they achieved gender equality where less than fifty percent of their workers are white males. The rest of consists of women and gender-neutral individuals. They also stated that the number of non-white employees is on the rise and they won’t stop here.

A bit of research showed us that the quality of the content of the said site is on the constant decline since they started this. Now, this doesn’t mean that non-male and non-white people can’t write. The problem is that site fires excellent writers just because they belong to one specific race and sex. They employ others, instead of those writers and the sad that is that those new employees have less skill because they aren’t hired for it, but rather for their sex and race.