ACD – Fighting terrorism in a peaceful way

Rachel EhrenfeldACD aka American Center for Democracy is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to fight terrorism in ways that the country isn’t doing. American Center for Democracy is mainly a publishing article for a well-known writer Rachel Ehrenfeld, who is also the founder of the group.

The ACD hosts scholars and other writers and activists on a regular basis and all articles they write are freely available throughout the USA. The international availability of ACD work isn’t the focus of the organization due to the law that allows various individuals to sue the group for libel even though they are intimately connected to terrorist organizations.

Prevention of terrorism funding by any means possible

The most important project of the ACD is the EWI aka Economic Warfare Institute. This project researches individuals who might have some connection with terrorist groups through funding. Terror financing is a problem that keeps the terroristic organizations alive, and not many organization addresses it as a threat that it is.

Many people know about EWI from a libel lawsuit that happened several years ago. The cause of all that was the book called “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It.” The author, Rachel Ehrenfeld researched the sources of funding that prevent the total annihilation of terrorist groups in the Middle East. The book turned out to be highly controversial due to the amount of info it contained about some of the wealthiest people from the Middle East and their connections to terrorism. It’s sad to say that the author had to pay a fine for mentioning one of the friends of the West, whose relationships with terrorism go back a decade or more.

The forced silence has to end

American Center for Democracy’s new project is the fight against label lawsuits as they prevent the truth from coming to light. Influential individuals who fund terrorism use this law to silence anyone who shared the truth with the world. They hope that people will understand how little attention is given to funding sources of terrorism and how people that act as friends of the USA are funding enemies that kill our soldiers.