Switzerland – The number of guns and the lack of mass shootings

Every mass shooting that happens is a massive tragedy as it ends with the loss of innocent lives. Every school shooting causes a lot of rage in the public as the victims are young individuals whose lives just started.

But, the worst thing about tragedies like this is that they allow people to criticize various aspects of the law. They don’t care about victims, as they are just a vessel that helps spread their propaganda. This article will discuss Switzerland and their number of guns per capita (almost same as in the USA) as well as the lack of mass shootings in this country.

Guns might not be the problem

If the number of weapons in a country were the primary reason for mass shootings, then Switzerland would have the same problem as the USA. But, they don’t have it which means that guns aren’t the problem. This country has just over eight million citizens and over two million guns, and yet the last mass shooting happened in 2001. The number of homicides where weapons were used is below 50 per year. You can’t compare these numbers with the USA, as our murder rates are counted in tens of thousands per year.

Switzerland has the “armed neutrality” stance and thus owning a gun for a Swiss is a patriotic duty. They also have a mandatory military service for men (and optional for women) where all applicants learn how to use firearms. Every individual that finishes the military service can buy a weapon they used, as long as they get the permit for it.

Buying a weapon in Switzerland isn’t as easy as in the USA

The most prominent difference between the USA and Switzerland has to be the ability of an individual to buy a firearm. Every gun seller in Switzerland has to follow strict rules on who will they sell their products. Local authorities decide whether an individual can receive a gun permit or not. The police will hire a psychiatrist and other professionals to check whether the individual has enough responsibility to own a weapon.

The law in Switzerland is stringent when it comes to giving gun permits to individuals. For example, no convict, alcohol or drug addict can own a gun in this country. Even people who are deemed aggressive, or have dangerous or violent attitude aren’t allowed to buy a firearm in Switzerland. Every person that expresses a wish to own a gun must prove that they know how to use it before they get a license and the right to buy it.

Buying a weapon

This attitude toward gun ownership is the primary reason for the lack of mass shootings. The other important reason has to be the quality of life of all citizens. Switzerland is in the top five countries when it comes to quality of life and how happy people are. The lack of poverty, drug abuse, and other adverse social factors allow people to live stress-free lives and thus they don’t have problems they express by going out and shooting people.